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Access to Secondary Legislation Project

The New Zealand Legislation (NZL) website provides free public access to up-to-date versions of New Zealand Acts, Bills (proposed Acts), and some secondary legislation.

Secondary legislation is made under the delegated law-making authority of Parliament (or under the Royal prerogative). It comes in many different forms and has many different names, including regulations, orders, notices, rules, bylaws, directions, and programmes.

Secondary legislation covers all aspects of New Zealand’s legal system. It includes matters such as food standards, transport rules, financial reporting standards, national policy standards for environmental matters, and eligibility for social housing and special social security assistance.

Secondary legislation that is drafted by the PCO is published in full on the NZL website. There are thousands of examples of secondary legislation, however, that are drafted and published by over 100 agencies. This agency-drafted secondary legislation is published either in the Gazette, on a variety of different websites or in newspapers, or is not readily available to the public. This makes it difficult to find and access all secondary legislation.

As a result there is currently no single place where people can access all of New Zealand's legislation. The project has been set up to address this problem.

The increased availability of secondary legislation is expected to enhance the ability of individuals and businesses to comply with the law, and understand their rights and obligations. Over time this is expected to reduce the cost of regulatory compliance and the cost of doing business in New Zealand.

(Note that the Access to Secondary Legislation Project was previously called the Access to Subordinate Instruments Project or ASIP.)

About the Access to Secondary Legislation Project

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What will the project do and how will it do it?

There are three main components to the project:

  • legal and procedural changes, simplifying the structure of the legislative collection and clearly defining what constitutes secondary legislation
  • the development of information technology systems to enable agencies to notify or publish secondary legislation on the NZL website
  • working with agencies to locate all secondary legislation, and improving access to it through the NZL website.

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Access to Secondary Legislation Project news

On 5 December the Legislation Bill received its first reading. This Bill, along with the upcoming Secondary Legislation (Access) Bill, provides the statutory structure for ensuring—for the first time—that secondary legislation is readily accessible online.

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Agencies that can make secondary legislation

There are over 100 agencies we know of that can make secondary legislation. View the list identified to date »

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