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Consultation: Land Valuation Proceedings Bill


We are seeking feedback on the Land Valuation Proceedings Bill before it is introduced to Parliament.

The purpose of the Bill is to revise the Land Valuation Proceedings Act 1948. This Act is old and expressed in out-of-date language. Revising this Act in a modern form will make it more accessible and help to reduce regulatory costs.

The Bill has been developed under the 2018–2020 revision programme. Read more about the revision programme »

Exposure draft, explanatory material, and how to make a submission

We have prepared the "exposure draft" of the Bill for public review, so that feedback from interested parties can be used to improve the Bill before introduction to Parliament.

See the request for submissions and explanatory material for:

  • how to make a submission
  • important information on the publication of submissions
  • an overview of the revision process and its safeguards (Part 1 of explanatory material)
  • context for changes in the Bill, and specific questions we are seeking feedback on (Part 2 of explanatory material)
  • a table of the provisions affected and the drafting changes (Part 3 of explanatory material)
  • a table of issues noted for possible future reform that are outside the scope of the revision process (Part 4 of explanatory material).

Deadline for submissions

Please provide comments to by 5 pm on Friday 28 February 2020.

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