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Deputy Chief Executive, Access and Digital Strategy

  • Nine-month fixed term or secondment opportunity
  • Strategic and interesting role
  • Focus on delivery for end user

New Zealand's Parliamentary Counsel Office (PCO) is a key advisor to the Government and Parliament, and is New Zealand's legislative drafting and publishing office. The Legislation Act 2019 gives PCO a clear leadership role for stewardship of New Zealand's legislation and, to meet these challenges, the recently appointed Chief Parliamentary Counsel is refreshing the leadership structure.

The Deputy Chief Executive, Access and Digital Strategy leads the service design and delivery of functions to ensure free access to New Zealand’s legislation with a focus on making it easier to find and navigate by users. This role has a strong Digital focus. It will hold our senior relationship with the Government Chief Digital Officer, and will lead PCO’s publication function, and our digital strategy, change, and delivery function.

To be successful in this position, you must be suitably qualified and experienced in publishing or information management, or a similar function for a sizable organisation. You will be a proven leader who understands the digital environment, with the ability to think strategically and to implement an end-user approach.

This is an outstanding opportunity to join a professional and highly respected organisation to contribute to the newly formed ELT with a stewardship approach.

For more about the role, see the position description below or download as a PDF (638KB).

Applications will only be accepted if they include the PCO application form and a letter of application sent to

Applications close: Sunday 11 July 2021

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Position description

Position details
Position Title Deputy Chief Executive – Access and Digital Strategy
Team/Branch/Group Access and Digital Strategy
Reports to Chief Parliamentary Counsel
Direct Report 5 direct reports and 20 indirect reports
Location Wellington
Date June 2021
Our purpose

The Parliamentary Counsel Office (PCO) is New Zealand's law drafting office. It is responsible for:

  • drafting New Zealand Government Bills (except Inland Revenue Bills) and much of New Zealand’s secondary legislation
  • publishing all New Zealand Bills, Acts, and much of New Zealand’s secondary legislation, online on the New Zealand Legislation website.

The PCO is constituted as a separate statutory office by the Legislation Act 2012. The PCO is under the Attorney-General's control or, if there is no Attorney-General, the Prime Minister.

What we do

We work with others to make legislation that is fit for purpose, constitutionally sound, and accessible to all users.

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Our structure

The PCO has four business groups: Systems and Stewardship, Drafting, Access and Digital Strategy, and Business Services.

The Deputy Chief Executive – Access and Digital Strategy position reports to the Chief Parliamentary Counsel and is a member of the Executive Leadership Team.

Position purpose

The Deputy Chief Executive – Access and Digital Strategy position is to lead the delivery of free access to New Zealand’s legislation ensuring it is available, navigable and understandable enabled by digital infrastructure to support this objective. This role brings together the service design and delivery arms of providing access to legislation for all. The role leads the publication function, the digital strategy, change and delivery function, and engagement with the Government Chief Digital Officer.

Key relationships

Internal key relationships are:

  • Members of the Executive Leadership Team
  • PCO team managers
  • Other PCO staff

External key relationships are:

  • Attorney General and his/her office
  • Ministers
  • Office of the Clerk
  • Inland Revenue
  • Senior executives in other government departments
  • Department of Internal Affairs (GCDO)
  • Cross jurisdictional parliamentary counsel offices
  • Senior executives in Parliamentary Service
  • Ministerial Services
  • Central agencies
  • Key PCO partners
Key accountabilities and deliverables

Responsibilities of this position are expected to change over time as the Parliamentary Counsel Office responds to changing needs. The incumbent will need the flexibility to adapt and develop as the environment evolves.

Key accountability or deliverableIndicators of Success

Executive Leadership

Work collaboratively with the Executive Leadership Team to support the achievement of PCO outcomes

  • Represent whole of organisation views and protects its reputation in external interactions.
  • Participates collaboratively as a member of the Executive Leadership Team to support the integration of organisational wide processes, development of organisational capability, achieve expected efficiency benefits and ongoing improvements in cost effectiveness.
  • Takes collective responsibility for the cohesion and performance of PCO as a whole and provides peer support to other executive managers.
  • Works with Executive Leadership Team to define the outcomes and outputs expected of the Group to deliver on PCO’s strategic direction.
  • Contributes beyond core functional area to enhance overall effectiveness.
Service Management
  • Is responsible for the delivery of timely and effective access to legislation service for the office and the public.
  • Leads the strategic plans, business plans and performance targets ensuring they are met.
  • Leads the provision of proof reading, and publishing services that meet the strategic outcomes of the PCO.
Digital Management
  • Leads the development of the digital strategy, its implementation and monitoring.
  • Oversees the provision of quality assurance to produce high quality and accurate services that support the access to legislation online.
  • Lead the continuous improvement from the online customer experience of New Zealand legislation. Develop business cases where the solution has a large impact (financial, way of operating) on PCO.
  • Manages the relationship with the Government Chief Digital Officer on behalf of the PCO.
  • Encourage the collaboration of the IT Apps Dev team with the other technical IT roles based within the Business Services group.

Personal Leadership

Provide leadership that engages and motivates others to succeed and develop, and proactively share experiences, knowledge and ideas.

  • Models’ exemplary management and leadership behaviours that align to our ethics and values.
  • Creates a sense of vision, engages and motivates people to participate, and makes things happen.
  • Fosters an open, collaborative environment that encourages quality, innovation, ongoing learning and knowledge sharing
Te Tiriti o Waitangi
  • Show leadership of commitment and strong understanding Te Tiriti o Waitangi and the principles: partnership, participation, and protection.
  • Establish and maintain effective professional relationships by demonstrating commitment to ongoing professional learning and development of personal practice relating to Te Tiriti o Waitangi.
  • Continue to develop understanding of Te Tiriti o Waitangi and continue to develop knowledge of Tikanga Māori and the appropriate usage and accurate pronunciation of Te Reo Māori.
  • Demonstrate commitment to bicultural partnership in Aotearoa, working effectively within the bicultural context.
  • Actively participate in the partnership relationship with Māori.
  • Develop all managers within the team to enable them to competently engage in key relationships with Māori and other key stakeholders.
Deputise and represent PCO
  • Effectively deputise for the CPC at meetings with Ministers including the Leader of the House and Attorney-General, Chief Executives, Cabinet Committees when required by the CPC.
  • As directed by the CPC and where appropriate in other cases, to negotiate and persuade on behalf of the PCO in meetings with other departments and agencies, such as the Treasury, the Public Service Commission, the Law Commission and Audit New Zealand to secure the PCO’s objectives.

Team Leadership

Build and maintain a high-performing team that is capable of developing and delivering innovative advice, products and services to support PCO’s strategic direction

  • Establishes clear accountabilities, expectations and performance standards with direct reports and ensures regular performance management and development occurs.
  • Monitor’s individual, team and business group performance to ensure that performance targets are met.
  • Anticipates future capability needs across the business group, identifies gaps in capability and addresses these gaps through targeted recruitment and development or other actions.
  • Coaches, mentors, and develops staff to meet the needs of the PCO now and into the future.
  • Identifies and develops talent for key roles in the business group.
  • Addresses underperformance fairly and effectively following guidance and advice

Relationship Management

Manage constructive working relationships with work colleagues and external stakeholders to enhance understanding and cooperation needed to achieve desired results

  • Participates as an active member and contributes knowledge and expertise needed to achieve PCO outcomes.
  • Develops effective working relationships with other Executive Leaders and Managers in order to transfer knowledge and learning to the working organisation.
  • Develops effective working relationships with government and non-government stakeholders to ensure that their perspectives are well understood, and the work of the business group meets their needs.
  • Tests the effectiveness of stakeholder relationships using a range of appropriate measure and processes (including stakeholder feedback) and makes adjustments to deliver improvements.

Safety and wellbeing

Managers own personal health and safety, and takes appropriate action to deal with workplace hazards, incidents and near misses

  • Manages own personal health and safety, and takes appropriate action to deal with workplace hazards, accident and incidents.
  • Ensures own and others’ safety at all times.
  • Complies with relevant safety legislation, policies, procedures, safe systems of work and event reporting.
  • Reports and investigates all incidents/accidents, including near misses in a timely way.


Leadership Success Profile 
The Parliamentary Counsel Office uses the Leadership Successful Profile, as set out by the Public Services Commission, for Tier 4 and above people leader positions. Please refer to the Leadership Success Profile expanded guide for further explanation of each capability required for this role  
Navigating for the future  
Leading strategically
Think, plan, and act strategically; to engage others in a vision, and position teams, organisations, and sector to meet customer and future needs.
Leading with influence
Lead and communicate in a clear, persuasive, impactful, and inspiring way, to convince others to embrace change and take action.
Enhancing organisational performance
Drive innovation and continuous improvement; to sustainably strengthen long-term organisational performance and improve outcomes for customers.
Enhancing system performance
Work collectively across boundaries; to deliver sustainable and long-term improvements to systems and customer outcomes.
Leading at the political interface Bridge the interface between Government and the Public Sector; to engage political representatives and shape and implement the Government’s policy priorities. 6
Identifying and developing our talent 
Enhancing people performance
Manage people performance and bring out the best in managers and staff; to deliver high quality results for customers.
Developing talent
Coach and develop diverse talent; to build the people capability required to deliver outcomes.
Enhancing team performance
Build cohesive and high performing teams; to deliver collective results that are more than the sum of individual efforts.
Making it happen 
Managing work priorities
Plan, prioritise and organise work; to deliver on short and long-term objectives across the breadth of their role.
Achieving through others
Effectively delegate and maintain oversight of work responsibilities; to leverage the capability of direct reports and staff to deliver outcomes for customers.
Achieving ambitious goals
Demonstrate achievement drive, ambition, optimism, and delivery focus; to make things happen and achieve ambitious outcomes. 
Leadership character  
 Show curiosity, flexibility, and openness in analysing and integrating ideas, information, and differing perspectives; to make fit-for-purpose decisions. 
Honest and courageous
Deliver the hard messages and makes unpopular decisions in a timely manner; to advance the longer-term best interests of customers and New Zealand. 
Show composure, grit, and a sense of perspective when the going gets tough; to help others maintain optimism and focus. 
Self-aware and agile
Leverage self-awareness to improve skills and adapt approach; to strengthen personal capability over time and optimise effectiveness with different situation and people. 
  • A tertiary qualification in information technology, law, publishing or another relevant course of study and/or significant experience in those fields
Personal specifications
  • A good knowledge of the machinery of government, and public sector issues is desirable
  • Experience working in a leadership role in an industry where access to information was part of the remit
  • Proven experience of being an effective leader within a complex organisation
  • Ability to think strategically about the future development of the organisation within an outcomes-focused framework
  • Proven experience to develop a high performing successful team
  • Ability to think strategically and translate that into the direction of the group
  • Understand and demonstrate knowledge of developing a digital strategy to focus on what customers need and leading implementation of that strategy
  • Have knowledge and understanding of internal and external communications principles in a digital world
  • Experience in oversight of programmes, including in building good project management disciplines
  • Extensive experience in building and maintaining strong relationships with other leaders, staff and key stakeholders both internal and external
  • Demonstrates the ability to effectively communicate with the variety of people within the organisation and external stakeholders and target audiences both orally and in writing
  • Has experience in building a high performing team and team culture
  • Demonstrate the ability to maintain composure in stressful situations and work effectively under pressure.

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