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Choosing fonts for forms and graphics

When sending forms and graphics to the PCO to be reproduced in legislation, please select fonts that can be reproduced by the Legislation System. This will ensure that, if it is important to preserve the look of the original document, this can be achieved.

In particular, please avoid using printer fonts, which are specific to individual printers and may not be valid for other printers or systems.

Please select from the following fonts, all of which can be accepted by the system, and reliably reproduced:

Arial (TrueType)
Arial Black (TrueType)
Arial Bold (TrueType)
Arial Bold Italic (TrueType)
Arial Italic (TrueType)
Arial Narrow (TrueType)
Arial Narrow Bold (TrueType)
Arial Narrow Bold Italic (TrueType)
Arial Narrow Italic (TrueType) ArborText (TrueType)
Comic Sans MS (TrueType)
Comic Sans MS Bold (TrueType)
Courier New (TrueType)
Courier New Bold (TrueType)
Courier New Bold Italic (TrueType)
Courier New Italic (TrueType)
Estrangelo Edessa (TrueType)
Franklin Gothic Medium (TrueType)
Franklin Gothic Medium Italic (TrueType)
Gautami (TrueType)
Georgia (TrueType)
Georgia Bold (TrueType)
Georgia Bold Italic (TrueType)
Georgia Italic (TrueType)
Impact (TrueType)
Latha (TrueType)
Lucida Bright Demibold (TrueType)
Lucida Bright Demibold Italic (TrueType)
Lucida Bright Italic (TrueType)
Lucida Bright Regular (TrueType)
Lucida Console (TrueType)
Lucida Sans Demibold (TrueType)
Lucida Sans Regular (TrueType)
Lucida Sans Typewriter Bold (TrueType)
Lucida Sans Typewriter Regular (TrueType)
Lucida Sans Unicode (TrueType)
Mangal (TrueType)
Microsoft Sans Serif (TrueType)
Mv Boli (TrueType)
Palatino Linotype (TrueType)
Palatino Linotype Bold (TrueType)
Palatino Linotype Bold Italic (TrueType)
Palatino Linotype Italic (TrueType)
Raavi (TrueType)
Shruti (TrueType)
Sylfaen (TrueType)
Symbol (TrueType)
Tahoma (TrueType)
Tahoma Bold (TrueType)
Times New Roman (TrueType)
Times New Roman Bold (TrueType)
Times New Roman Bold Italic (TrueType)
Times New Roman Italic (TrueType)
Times NR Condensed (TrueType)
Trebuchet MS (TrueType)
Trebuchet MS Bold (TrueType)
Trebuchet MS Bold Italic (TrueType)
Trebuchet MS Italic (TrueType)
Tunga (TrueType)
Univers LT 55 Roman (TrueType)
Univers LT 67 Condensed Bold (TrueType)
Verdana (TrueType)
Verdana Bold (TrueType)
Verdana Italic (TrueType)
Verdana Bold Italic (TrueType)
Webdings (TrueType)
WingDings (TrueType)

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