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1. Introduction to Parliamentary Counsel

The drafting of legislation is a specialist career, but there are few other types of legal work where lawyers can expect to be involved with and influence such a diverse range of issues.

The Parliamentary Counsel Office is responsible for drafting Government Bills and Legislative Instruments that affect all facets of New Zealand society. It is an Office of Parliament under the control of the Attorney-General and is not part of the Public Service or the Parliamentary Service.

Evidence, civil unions, Māori land claims settlements, domestic violence, international treaties, foreshore and seabed, superannuation, resource management, broadcasting, the primary sector, criminal law, mental health, employment, intellectual property, commercial law...

As one of a team of lawyers, you will be involved in the process of implementing policy decisions through legislation.

Counsel outside Parliament House

Legislative drafting is an intellectually challenging career which requires an ability to understand often complex ideas and policies and express them in language that will be easily understood and applied. It involves discussions with Ministers of the Crown and their advisers at all levels, appearing before select committees, and providing drafting advice in Parliament during the passage of legislation.

The Parliamentary Counsel Office offers a unique opportunity to use your legal qualification and experience. This section of our website is designed to give you an insight into our work and the qualities we look for in our staff.

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