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Legislation Bill

A new Legislation Bill was introduced to Parliament on 20 June 2017. It is currently awaiting its first reading.

The Bill, which rewrites the Legislation Act 2012, has four main elements:

  • it delivers better access to New Zealand’s legislation by requiring all secondary legislation (that is, legislation made by ministers, officials, or agencies under powers delegated by Parliament) to be published on the New Zealand Legislation website
  • it absorbs the Interpretation Act 1999 with some technical enhancements, and so brings the principles and rules that underpin the interpretation of legislation, as well as its making and publication, into one Act
  • it enacts legislative disclosure requirements to make key information about the development and content of new legislation available, supporting legislative scrutiny and encouraging the production of high-quality legislation
  • it re-enacts, with minor changes, the current Legislation Act 2012.

The content of the Legislation Amendment Bill that was introduced to Parliament in 2014 has been incorporated into the Legislation Bill, and the 2014 Amendment Bill has been withdrawn from the House.

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In relation to re-enacting the Interpretation Act 1999 in the Legislation Act 2012, a discussion paper was released in 2013 to seek views about updating proposals.

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