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Acts and other authorities under which secondary legislation is made

Secondary legislation is law made:

  • by someone other than Parliament
  • under a power that Parliament has formally delegated in a particular Act.   

A small amount of secondary legislation is made not under an Act but under the Royal prerogative.

The annual tables available below list alphabetically the Acts or other authorities under which all secondary legislation published by the PCO was made, and the titles of that secondary legislation.

The term "Statutory Regulations" was used until 5 August 2013, and "Legislative Instruments" from then until 28 October 2021.

Tables for earlier years are available in the first volume of each year’s annual bound volumes of Statutory Regulations.

2020 Legislative Instruments
2019 Legislative Instruments
2018 Legislative Instruments
2017 Legislative Instruments
2016 Legislative Instruments
2015 Legislative Instruments
2014 Legislative Instruments
2013 Statutory Regulations
2012 Statutory Regulations
2011 Statutory Regulations
2010 Statutory Regulations
2009 Statutory Regulations
2008 Statutory Regulations
2007 Statutory Regulations
2006 Statutory Regulations
2005 Statutory Regulations

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