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Notifying Legislative Instruments

The information on this page is provided to assist agencies in alerting the PCO's Publications Unit that a Legislative Instrument is to be notified in the Gazette.

The making of Legislative Instruments must be notified in the New Zealand Gazette (under the Legislation Act 2012). The Publications Unit arranges for this notification, in a Regulations Summary Notice.

Some Legislative Instruments are signed by the Governor-General, and are approved by the Executive Council. This approval is notified to the Publications Unit on behalf of departments by the Cabinet Office. For these Legislative Instruments, the responsible department or body does not need to inform the Publications Unit.

Other Legislative Instruments are signed by a Minister or other person or body, and not approved by the Executive Council. These (non-Executive Council) types of Legislative Instrument must be notified to the Publications Unit by the responsible department or body.

Publication times

Legislative Instruments can be notified in an ordinary Gazette, which is published every Thursday. Alternatively they can be notified in a supplementary Gazette, which is a Gazette published on any day other than Thursday.

Legislative Instruments are published to the New Zealand Legislation website at 11am on their day of notification in the Gazette, appearing on the website shortly afterwards.

Process for communicating Legislative Instruments to the Publications Unit

When a non-Executive Council Legislative Instrument is to be notified, the responsible department must alert the Publications Unit by email. The email must include:

  • the title of the Legislative Instrument
  • the date signed (eg 7 March 2008)
  • the name of the signatory and the form of the signature (eg PT Jones or Hon PT Jones)
  • the place signed (eg Wellington)
  • the intended gazetting date (eg Thursday 28 March 2008).

Please use the form "Notification of Non-Executive Council Legislative Instruments"—PDF format (140 KB), Word format (31 KB)—and attach it to your email, to make it easier to arrange the notification. Please also attach a copy of the instrument to your email.


The deadline for acceptance of notification for publishing Legislative Instruments is 5pm on the Tuesday two days before Thursday's Gazette. Two days' notice is also required for publishing Legislative Instruments in a supplementary Gazette. If a notice must be notified outside of these lead times, please contact the Publications Unit.

Publications Unit contact details

Phone 04 817 6425

The Publications Unit's email address is available on the notification form—or feel free to phone for this information.

Please use these general contact details for the Publications Unit rather those of specific members of the unit to ensure your message is received if individual staff members are away.

Other Instruments

Please note that the information above applies to notification of Legislative Instruments only, and does not have any effect on how departments treat other types of instrument that are published in the Gazette but that are not Legislative Instruments (more information on Other Instruments). These types of instrument should be notified to the Gazette Office, Department of Internal Affairs by the department (see How to submit on the Gazette website).

The PCO provides links to Other Instruments through the New Zealand Legislation website, and relies on the agencies responsible for those Other Instruments to keep the links up to date. See Notifying Other Instruments to the PCO.

Obtaining proofs or copies

The Publications Unit does not supply copies of the printed Legislative Instrument or the Regulations Summary Notice to clients. To confirm that instruments have been gazetted, visit the New Zealand Gazette website.

To confirm that a Legislative Instrument has been published on the New Zealand Legislation website, search the website using its title. If it is an amendment Legislative Instrument, locate it using Advanced Search with Legislative Instruments selected and, under Status, both/one of Legislative Instruments not yet in force and Amendment Legislative Instruments in force selected as appropriate. As mentioned above, expect to find the Legislative Instrument online shortly after 11am on the day of notification in the Gazette.
Further information

For more information on the different types of instruments and other legislation, see About legislation.

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