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Notifying Other Instruments to the PCO

Access to Other Instruments is available through the New Zealand Legislation website. (The website doesn't provide the full text of Other Instruments—instead, it links to the appropriate external website where they are published.)

To maintain the links to Other Instruments, every month the PCO contacts the relevant agencies with a request for information on any new or changed instruments.

If your agency is new to making Other Instruments, please contact us so that we can add your agency to our contact list.

And if you notice some of your Other Instruments are missing from the New Zealand Legislation website, please let us know.

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Other requirements for Other Instruments

You can find out about gazetting Other Instruments from the New Zealand Gazette office (How to submit).

The Parliament website has information about presenting papers to the House. About presentation to the House »

Further assistance is available from the Regulations Review Committee:

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