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Printed legislation

Acts, Bills, and Legislative Instruments

You can order from the New Zealand Legislation website a commercial print of any Act, Bill, Legislative Instrument, or Supplementary Order Paper on that website. You can order the current version of the document, or any earlier version that is on the website. For more information, see Ordering a commercial print: buy online.

Printed copies of individual Acts, Bills, Legislative Instruments, and Supplementary Order Papers can also be purchased from Legislation Direct (the PCO's contracted printer and distributor of legislation) and may be available from some retail outlets.

Before 2014, all the Acts passed in a particular year up were published in bound volumes of New Zealand Statutes, and all the Statutory Regulations made in a particular year were published in bound volumes of Statutory Regulations. The Statutory Regulations series continued until the end of 2013; from 5 August 2013 the series also contained Legislative Instruments. Copies of the bound volumes can be purchased from Legislation Direct, and are available at many public libraries.

From 2014, the Parliamentary Counsel Office no longer publishes annual bound volumes. However, Legislation Direct intends to continue this service.

Reprints—copies of Acts and Legislative Instruments that incorporate all amendments made to them as at the date of publication of the reprint—are available from the New Zealand Legislation website (including commercially printed reprints). In the past reprints were also published in traditional hard copy format by the PCO. More information about reprints »

Legislation Direct also provides subscription and standing order services for Acts, Bills, Legislative Instruments, and Supplementary Order Papers. Please contact Legislation Direct for details.

Facsimile printed editions of the annual volumes of Acts from 1888 to 1894 (the "shattering statutes") are available from Legislation Direct. These are also available online in PDF format through NZLII, the New Zealand Legal Information Institute. More information »

Other Instruments

For information on where to obtain printed copies of Other Instruments (previously known as deemed regulations), view their information page on the New Zealand Legislation website. If you have questions about buying Other Instruments, or their availability, please contact the relevant administering agency.

Other secondary legislation

Some of this type of legislation is published in the New Zealand Gazette.

To access other subordinate legislation not published in the New Zealand Gazette, contact the agency responsible for administering the legislation.

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