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Consolidations are copies of legislation that incorporate all amendments made to them as at the date of the consolidation’s publication.

Consolidations are available from the New Zealand Legislation website—see online consolidations below. A new consolidation is produced, with a new “as at” date, every time an amendment is incorporated into an Act or a piece of secondary legislation.

In the past, the PCO also published hard copy consolidations (known as reprints) in pamphlet form, and before that in bound volumes—see traditional hard copy consolidations below.

In preparing consolidations, the PCO follows certain editorial conventions.

Online consolidations

Consolidations are available through the New Zealand Legislation website. They are official if they display the New Zealand Coat of Arms on the first page.

You can download and print consolidations from the New Zealand Legislation website, or order commercially printed consolidations via the website. A print of an official consolidation, whether commercially printed or not, is also official.

For more information about online consolidations  on the New Zealand Legislation website, see the website’s Glossary.

Traditional hard copy consolidations

Traditional hard copy consolidations are no longer published by the PCO. From 2003 to 2014 they were published in booklet format. Lists of consolidations published in booklet format »

Earlier consolidations were published in the bound Reprinted Statutes of New Zealand Series (the brown volumes), the last volume of which (Volume 42) was published in 2003. At one time, consolidations of Statutory Regulations were included in the Statutory Regulations Series under a new number.

Consolidations in the brown volumes and the Statutory Regulations Series used square brackets or ellipses, etc, to highlight individual amendments. This convention is no longer used.

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