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PCO's vision: Text-only alternative

Our vision

Great law for New Zealand

What we do

We work with others to make legislation that is fit for purposeconstitutionally sound, and accessible to all users.

Diagram description

The diagram is a circle with three concentric layers, looking like a wheel with radiating spokes. There is a central hub. The second layer is divided into three. In the outer layer, each of these three segments is further subdivided. There are words in each segment.

Text in diagram
  • Great law for New Zealand
    • Fit for purpose
      • Needed for a clear purpose
      • Effective for that purpose
      • Certain and flexible for the future
      • Fits with the wider legal system
    • Constitutionally sound
      • Reflects Treaty principles
      • Reflects constitutional values
      • Follows good process
    • Accessible
      • Easy to find
      • Easy to find your way around
      • Easy to understand

How we support our vision of great law for New Zealand

Diagram description

The diagram has three parts—a circle with a wing on each side. There are words in each part.

Diagram text

Great law for New Zealand

  • Fit for purpose
  • Constitutionally sound
  • Accessible

Core business:

  • Revision programme
  • Drafting
  • IS support
  • Quality assurance
  • Publishing
  • Information and advice
  • LDAC
  • Policy
  • Legislation website
  • People capability and corporate support


  • All secondary legislation available online
  • Complete the online historical collection of laws
  • Laws in plain language
  • More standard provisions
  • Improved legislative capability across Government
  • Greater capacity in using te reo Māori
  • Improved processes for making legislation

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