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What will the Access to Secondary Legislation Project do and how will it do it?

The project has three main components:

a. Legal and procedural changes—the Access to Secondary Legislation Project will simplify the structure of New Zealand’s legislative collection, by removing a plethora of categories, and clearly defining what constitutes secondary legislation in New Zealand. On 20 June 2017 the Legislation Bill was introduced to the House. A companion Bill is envisaged to amend provisions across the statute book to clearly define what constitutes secondary legislation.

b. Development of information technology systems—these are required to enable agencies to publish the secondary legislation they draft on the NZL website. An iterative approach will be taken to the development of these systems, and they will be rolled out in a phased way.

c. Collecting secondary legislation, and providing access—this involves establishing and maintaining an authoritative catalogue of secondary legislation. Modifications to the NZL website will be required to cater for publishing the details or full text of secondary legislation that is drafted by agencies, reflect the changes that are made to the structure of the New Zealand’s legislative collection, and to simplify, broaden, and improve access to legislation.

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