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Revision Bill programme 2024 to 2026

Revision programme for the 54th Parliament. These are the Acts selected for updating using plain, modern language and in current drafting style and format to make them more accessible.

Presented to the House of Representatives under section 95(3)(b) of the Legislation Act 2019

Revision Bills

Acts proposed for revision

Reasons for revision

Administering agency

Housing Bill

Housing Act 1955

- important Act
- used frequently
- dated language and form
- improve clarity

Ministry of Housing and Urban Development

Land Valuation Proceedings Bill

Land Valuation Proceedings Act 1948

- age
- out of date language
- number of repealed provisions and schedules

Ministry of Justice

Protected Flags, Emblems, and Names Bill

Flags, Emblems, and Names Protection Act 1981

Military Decorations and Distinctive Badges Act 1918

- outdated language
- related subject matter
- improve accessibility

Ministry for Culture and Heritage

Ministry of Defence

Ministry of Justice

Summary Proceedings Bill

Summary Proceedings Act 1957

- age
- number of repealed provisions
- provide a basis for a future substantive review of the infringement system

Ministry of Justice

Valuers Bill

Valuers Act 1948

- age
- outdated language

Land Information New Zealand

Revisions that are expected to be enacted during 3-year period

Land Valuation Proceedings Bill

Protected Flags, Emblems, and Names Bill

Valuers Bill

Last updated: 02 July 2024

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